Step 361

Step 361

“Step 361

I am being led into the light of Knowledge today.
You carry the light. Carry it with you each hour and in every circumstance. Use your entire day to practice carrying Knowledge. Do not try to express Knowledge, for Knowledge will do this itself when it is appropriate. Your task today is to carry Knowledge, to be attentive and to remember that Knowledge is with you. Whether you are alone or with others, whether you are at work or at home and whether you are in a situation that is pleasant or unpleasant, carry Knowledge within you. Feel it burning in your heart. Feel it filling the great expanse of your mind.”


Several years ago, I made the shift from a person lost in chaos to a Light Seeker.  I’ve always valued Knowledge but was for some reason in denial that Light is necessary for learning.  God is Light.  An everpresent requirement for life, Light is the catalyst for learning.

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